“Today I’ve Decided It’s A New Beginning”

This is my Life...my story...my book, I will no longer let anyone else write it; nor will I apologise for the edits I make. "Steve Maroboli"

Nervous beyond belief but here goes! I got up today and thought it’s now or never to start this blog. 2018 is going to be a year where my life needs to move in a positive direction for my own sanity. For sometime now I’ve felt that I’ve had no purpose in life except being a wife, mum, friend, but always avoiding the one and only ‘me.’ There’s many reasons for this, and hopefully through my writing you’ll get to know me more.

So hello everyone here goes, I’m Sue and welcome to my first blog on takeawalkontheblindside.wordpress.com, I’m new to this so please be kind! I’ve been humming and harring for over six months and have probably looked at so many pages of other people’s work my brain hurts, ha ha. The trouble with doing that is, even though it’s great to look at everyone’s blogs they all have their own style of writing and I just end up thinking mine won’t be good enough.

I set up my Facebook like page back in August and have only posted a few times, as not sure how it all works if I’m honest. I’ve realised blogging is a whole new world to me, a mind field in fact and I’m hoping to become part of the community. Think sometimes the older you get new things don’t come as easy and as I’m in my 50’s I definitely think this has something to do with it, also I’m not the most technical if I’m honest. I’ve guest posted for RNIB connect and also with Hollie from Blind Motherhood and that was a good starting point. I’ve contacted several bloggers who are covering some of what I’m going to write about ‘disability’ and they’ve all been lovely eg; Girl Gone Blind, Life of a blind girl, Thinking Out Loud, Fashioneyesta to name a few.  I’ve come to the conclusion however, the more I keep putting it off the harder it will be.

My aim is to introduce you all to the world of disability and hopefully challenge some of the misconceptions along the way. Living with a disability can be tough, but I’ll share with you some of my ups and downs, with a few funny stories along the way.

More to come soon,

Sue x